During the first extraordinary session of 2011, the Louisiana legislature reapportioned the elected seats due to […]
A Happy Fathers Day to you all. Now how did this Op-Ed, “The single-mom catastrophe” by […]
Dear Mr. Speer: House Bill No. 865 by Representative Barrow gives the newly constituted Capital Area […]
“This new law encourages members of the U.S. military – who are the best trained professionals […]
“These new laws will help us foster a greater culture of life in Louisiana and ensure […]
The recent American Thinker posted an article by Jeffrey Folks titled “Fiscal Cliff, No Leader“.  Mr. […]
The Legislature passed SB303 during the 2012.  This legislation seeks to amend the Louisiana Constitution to […]
Congress is a mess. The U.S. Senate today failed yet again to produce a budget.  See […]
Welcome to the new website for the Republican Party in St. John the Baptist Parish.