QUALIFYING – to be a Congressional Delegate to the Convention

LaGOP 530 Lakeland Dr Suite 215, Baton Rouge, LA, United States

To run at the district caucus, you will need to qualify online at lagop.com on March 15-16. A link will appear on the homepage of the website on March 15th. The qualifying fee is $100 to run for delegate and $50 to run for alternate at the caucus.

Louisiana Republican CAUCUS

Hampton Inn LaPlace at 4288 US-51, LaPlace, LA 70068. 4288 US-51, LaPlace, LA, United States

The Republican Party of Louisiana will hold CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT CAUCUSES to elect delegates the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, WI. The caucuses will be held on Tuesday, March 19th from 4:30 - 7:30 pm (see below). The state convention will be held on April 6th in Baton Rouge. St. James and St. John Parish […]

2024 Louisiana Republican State Convention

STATE CONVENTION: The Republican State Central Committee will select 35 state convention delegates and 35 state convention alternates on March 16th. On April 6th, a State Convention will be held to elect 26 at-large delegates and 26 at-large alternates to the Republican National Convention. To run for national convention delegate at the State Convention, you […]

2024 Republican National Convention – Day 1

2024 Republican National Convention - Milwaukee The City of Milwaukee is excited to host the Republican National Convention from July 15-18, 2024.¬†With tens of thousands¬†traveling from around the country, it is our goal to showcase the vibrant, energetic, world-class city that is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This webpage will contain all up-to-date information on the convention. For […]