Y’all have a great and wonderful Independence Day. Found an Awesome FIreworks Show from Dogwood Campground […]
Had a nice Lunch with Dr. Ben Carson. What an amazing man. Dr. Carson is a […]
BREAKING NEWS: The Louisiana Congressional districts as set by the Louisiana Legislature are BACK ! Today […]
The public can view the machine options today at the Capitol Park Museum on Tuesday from […]
Congratulations . House Bill 1 vote 72 yeas and 31 nays. Senate vote. 27 yeas and […]
Attending the Professional Republican Women of Metro New Orleans – March 8 2022 @ Red Maple […]
Jeff Landry, Louisiana Attorney General, speaks against the Louisiana Department of Health proposal to mandate the […]
The Health and Welfare Committee lawyer explains the Rules Change that the Louisiana Department of Health […]
Video from Clay Schexnayder’s speech before the Health and Welfare Committee on December 6, 2021 “The […]
We thank the Louisiana House for rejecting the proposed rule change by the Louisiana Department of […]