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The upcoming fiscal cliff

The recent American Thinker posted an article by Jeffrey Folks titled “Fiscal Cliff, No Leader“. 

Mr. Folks reminds us that on January 1, 2013 the two year extension of the Bush tax cuts are set to expire. In addition, the balanced budget cuts on Medicare, on the military and on other programs are set to kick in.

The Chairman of the Fed, Ben Bernanke, also recently warned us of the ‘fiscal cliff’.  See “Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke warns of ‘fiscal cliff’ risks” by Don Lee on June 7, 2012 in the Los Angeles Times.

In addition to our rapidly approaching domestic issues, Europe is in the midst of a major financial crisis that could see the entire European economy implode.  Financial troubles in Iceland, Portugal, Greece, Italy, France and Spain, to mention just a few of the countries in trouble, may cause the global economy to crash.  For more information, see Rescue loans for Spain’s banks buys Europe time by CBS News.

Please encourage our leaders in the Federal government to address the upcoming financial issues that we face this fall.









Right to Bear Arms SB303

Vote YES on Constitutional Amendment to Strengthen Right to Bear Arms

The Legislature passed SB303 during the 2012.  This legislation seeks to amend the Louisiana Constitution to require that denial of our right to keep and bear arms shall be subject to strict scrutiny standards by courts in determining any violation of the right.

This fall, WE THE PEOPLE get to VOTE YES to amend the Louisiana Constitution to strengthen our right to bear arms.

To learn more, click here.

This legislation will make Louisiana’s Constitution one of the strongest in the nation according to the NRA. The legislation was endorsed by Governor Bobby Jindal.

Neil Riser, on The Hayride, explained why he sponsored the legislation, to move the courts away from the ‘rational basis’ test to a ‘strict scrutiny’ test.


Budget crisis

Congress is a mess. The U.S. Senate today failed yet again to produce a budget.  See Yahoo story

Even with Calculators on the Floor, the Senate Still Comes Up With a Zero on the Budget


St. John the Baptist Parish Republican Party

Welcome to the new website for the Republican Party in St. John the Baptist Parish.