The Wisconsin Supreme Court, by a 4-3 vote, has dealt a blow to the creeping tyranny. Tyranny creeps in via corrupt ballot boxes.

For example, Saddam Hussein was reportedly elected in 2002 by a unanimous vote of all eligible voters in Iraq (11,445,638 people).

Saddam Scores 100% in Leadership Ballot, The Guardian (Oct. 16, 2002),

On July 8th, 2022, the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld the earlier judges decision that unmonitored drop boxes were illegal in Wisconsin.

This important decision was issued by Justice Rebecca Grassl Bradley with the concurrence of Justices Ziegler, Roggensack and Hagedorn.

The two Wisconsin voters who complied were granted a summary judgment in favor by the circuit court. The court ruled that the administrative rules allowing the drop boxes had not been properly promulgated. Further that the use of drop boxes as described was not permitted in Wisconsin unless the box was staffed by [municipal] clerk and properly designated as an alternate site under Wis. Stat. Sec 6.855.

The court also issued an injunction ‘enjoining WEC from issuing further interpretations of law in conflict with the courts order.’

The Supreme Court held that the documents were invalid because drop boxes are illegal under Wisconsin statutes. pg3



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