Congratulations .

House Bill 1 vote 72 yeas and 31 nays. Senate vote. 27 yeas and 11 nays.

In an override session, we don’t get an opportunity to improve an imperfect bill like this one. The only question before us is whether we agree or disagree with the Governor’s veto.

Today I voted with a supermajority of the House and Senate to override the Governor’s veto so that we could present a congressional map that aligns with both the Voting Rights Act and the Equal Protection Clause.

Statement to the press by Rep Beryl Amedée
Rep Beryl Amedée District 51
Beryl Amedée
District 51

House VETO Override Session – March 30 2022

Senate VETO Override Session – March 30 2022

ch 30 2022

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