Dear friends,

With Covid shutdowns and restrictions now behind us, we are finally able to begin holding frequent fundraisers again. We will be taking full advantage of this situation, as you can see below from the number of events that we have already lined up:
– June 13 Lafayette (see attached invitation)
– June 16 Baton Rouge  (see attached invitation)
– June 24 New Orleans  (see attached invitation)
– June 29 Bossier City (planning in progress)
– July 29 Alexandria  (see attached invitation)
I am asking for your help in recruiting attendees and sponsors by sharing the attached invitations. Please post these invitations on your Facebook story, Facebook page, Twitter, or on any other social media groups or platforms that you feel would be appropriate. Of course, please also feel free to email or text these invitations to your friends and acquaintances.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss helping us host an event, please call me at your convenience at (504) 908-7130, or email me at
Thank you and welcome back to normalcy!
Louis Gurvich, Chairman
Republican Party of Louisiana



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