“This new law encourages members of the U.S. military – who are the best trained professionals in the world – to pursue an education in our state, which will be an economic boost, but most importantly, it’s yet another means for us to thank these brave men and women for their service.”

Governor Bobby Jindal


On June 8th, 2012 Governor Bobby Jindal signed HB435 by Nick Lorusso.  This legislation expends eligibility for honorably discharged veterans, members of the National Guard, reserve enlistees, or former cadets or midshipment to receive in-state tuition at Louisiana colleges and universities.

2012 Regular Session
Instruments by Nick Lorusso

Instrument Status Summary
ACT 581
STUDENT/LOANS-SCHOLARSHP – Provides scholarship opportunities to certain military veterans (EN DECREASE SG RV See Note)


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